Introducing LINC

Render your React pages in the time it currently
takes you to render the spinner.


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Linc is a Front-end Delivery Platform

No Compromises, No Hassles for the web is our motto.

The future of the web is in rich Javascript applications. Client-side Rendering is here to stay with technologies like React and Angular, but their use comes at a great price. Downloading all the Javascript takes a long time and search engines and other crawlers have a hard time indexing the information. Which sucks for SEO.

LINC works by taking your Client-side code and executing it on the server when a request comes in from your customer. After that initial page is rendered, your Client-side app will download and take over, delivering a great customer experience.

And because LINC is a fully hosted solution all you have to do connect your favourite version control system (like GitHub and BitBucket) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Blazingly Fast

By first rendering a customer request on the server we are able to stream the HTML to the browser so your customers don't need to first download a massive Javascript file.

SEO Just Works

And because we send regular HTML to clients SEO just works. Google and other search engines can index your site without any work-arounds. You can also easily include Twitter & Facebook meta-data.

Happy Users

And after the Javascript is downloaded your customers now have all the advantages of Client-side rendered applications. Dynamic pages without any page reloads.

Under the Cover

Full Access by API & CLI
Multiple AWS Regions
Open Source Engine
Static Assets in CDNs
Webpack Optimisation
Links with your favourite VCS
Supports Custom Profiles
Safely Test in Prod

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